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Cabinet Decision taken on 11th of June 2022 (4) Cabinet Decision taken on 11th of June 2022 (4)
6. Freedom Park at Jorhat Jail --------------- > Freedom Movement Park to be set up at Jorhat Jail at an estimated cost of Rupees 134.91 crore in an area of 66 acres. ->Project features i) Conversion of a part of the main jail complex into a museum with the adjacent green areas to be redesignated as Memorial ii) Memorial stones with inscriptions of valour synchronised with light and sound ambience. iii) Preservation of ancestral house of renowned poet late Hiren Bhattacharjee iv) Redevelopment of remaining area as an urban park. v) Shifting and reconstruction of accommodation for central and open jail staff. vi) Existing DIG office to be redeveloped as custom designed office facility for the DIG and the current building to be used as freedom fighters’ museum.