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Cabinet Decision taken on 11th of June 2022 (7) Cabinet Decision taken on 11th of June 2022 (7)
1. Harnessing renewable source of energy ----------- i) MoU to be signed with NLC India Ltd. a Navratna enterprise, to set up a Joint Venture Company (JVC) for generating 1GW plus solar power on Govt land. This will be the first such initiative among PSUs in energy sector. 2. Transformation in power distribution i) Approval for implementation of Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) with Rupees 8,727 crore as project cost and state share of Rupees 263 crore. ii) Under RDSS, around 57.45 lakh Smart Prepaid Meters to be installed along with Smart Metering at 2,782 Feeders and 77,547 Distribution Transformers for energy accounting. iii) Installation of 4,902 Distribution Transformers in High Voltage Distribution System among other measures for loss reduction and system modernisation