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Cabinet Decision taken on 12th January, 2022 (3) Cabinet Decision taken on 12th January, 2022 (3)
Boost to Handicraft ● Approval to Handicraft Policy of Assam, 2022 to facilitate growth and development of craft-based industries and provide training and technological support to artisans and entrepreneurs. ● Provide market linkages and online marketing support to facilitate the export of products. ● Handicraft Policy Highlights: > Capital Investment Subsidy up to 30% on the amount spent on Plant and Machinery with a ceiling of Rs 15 lakh for new and Rs 5 lakh for old Handicraft Units > Interest Subsidy up to 5% on Working Capital loan for 5 years to all eligible units with a ceiling of Rs 2 lakh per unit per year > Subsidy up to 50% on the marketing expenditure incurred by the Handicraft units, for a period of three years subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs 30,000 per annum