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Cabinet Decision taken on 23th of May 2022 (1) Cabinet Decision taken on 23th of May 2022 (1)
1. Setting New Education Milestones --------- Applicable for all UG/PG programmes- BA, BSc, MA, MSc, BCA, BBA etc. or any other similar programmes in existing 3+2 pattern or any integrated pattern -> • Basis Guidelines i) Revision of existing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in line with NEP guidelines ii) No hard separation between streams, curricular and extra-curricular, vocational and academic arena. • Basic Structure i) UG Degree programmes of 3/4-year year duration (With multiple Entry and Exit points and Re-entry options) -> Certificate after completing 1 year (2 semester) -> Diploma after 2 years (4 semesters) -> Bachelor’s Degree after 3-year programmes (6 semesters) -> Bachelor’s Degree with Honours after 4-year programme (8 semesters) -> Bachelor’s Degree with Research after 4-year programme, if the student completes a rigorous research project . PG Diploma in specific discipline after 1-year programme for those who have completed 3-year Bachelor’s degree > Flexibility in design/duration of Master’s Degree Programme -> 2-year Master’s Degree Programme with 2nd year devoted to Research (for students who have completed 3-year Bachelor’s Degree) -> 1-year Master’s Degree Programme for students who have completed 4-year Bachelor’s Degree.