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Cabinet Decisions taken on 30 August, 2022 (2) Cabinet Decisions taken on 30 August, 2022 (3)
1. Bhoodan and Gramdan Land – Countering Encroachment ---> Assam Land and Revenue Regulation, 1886 to be amended to counter unabated encroachment on over an estimated 10,897 bigha Bhoodan and Gramdan land. Amendment to involve – · - Vesting lands under the control of Assam State Bhoodan Gramdan Board to the Government. · - Providing rights to the grantees · - Repealing Assam Gramdan Act, 1961 and Assam Bhoodan Act, 1965. Amendment to enable – · - Optimum/judicious use of Bhoodan lands post conversion to Government land. · - Facilitate regularisation of Bhoodan/Gramdan lands by aggregating into existing land banks · - Settlement of indigenous occupants on Bhoodan/Gramdan lands as per the ALRR, 1886 (Settlement Rules) and Land Policy, 2019 · - Allow Government as custodian of Bhoodan/Gramdan land, to take punitive/legal measures in case of unabated encroachment/land grabbing/illegal transfer etc.